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Is this course 100% free?

Yes, all 38 videos have been developed for you, completed free of charge, by me, Matt Janes. Please enjoy them at your own pace and watch them as many times as you like.

Does it work?

The average reduction in anxiety levels by those who have completed this course is 77%. Furthermore, they experienced a drop in their stress levels of 70%.

How to begin

To start this free course, simply click this link.

What is it?

Thrive is designed by leading autonomic neuroscientist and author Matt Janes. The course has been expertly designed to calm your anxiety and stress, and Matt is providing it to you completely free of charge.

Thrive combines cutting-edge scientific research with simple, practical tools, delivered through a series of 38 video classes, totalling almost 5 hours of video content. They’ve been very carefully designed, to first teach you the science of stress and how it affects you. Then, through a series of practical classes, Matt will guide you through a number of exercises and tools to:

  • Reduce your anxiety
  • Help you to feel calmer and more confident
  • Give you mastery over your feelings and emotions
  • Give you a sense of ease and contentment
  • Increase your awareness, of yourself, others and what’s happening around you
  • Make you more compassionate towards yourself and others
  • Help you to deal with difficult emotions
  • Teach you how to develop a sense of purpose and meaning in your life

Leading neuroscience research shows that the benefits can be seen in as little as 8 minutes and when you continue to practice the classes, these benefits will extend into your life as a whole. There are no limits on how many times you can take the course.

Thrive is unique. There’s nothing else like it, anywhere on the web. It’s the result of many years of work and study through Harvard, Berkeley and Liverpool universities, and brings you the very latest tools to reduce your anxiety and stress.

Matt Janes
Matt Janes is a pioneering health clinician, autonomic neuroscientist, nutritionist and author, who offers consultations and online programs for physical and mental health. As you'll learn from his patient testimonials, Matt's results far outperform those of conventional medicine. He received his formal training from Harvard, Berkeley and Liverpool universities, as well as The Institute for Functional Medicine.


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    Marie Boland

    Amazing. Highly recommended.

    A brilliant mental wellbeing course. It really helped me last June 2020 when with work, Covid and childcare I was close to breaking point. It's utterly fascinating, quite mind-blowing in fact. Matt is a fountain of knowledge and expertise. I learnt so much which I have taken forward to help me in the future. Highly recommend it.
  • Christian Oliver

    Christian Oliver

    Christian Oliver

    A fantastic course. A clear and fascinating introduction to the way the body and mind operate and how this impacts upon both physical and mental health. The course then applies this knowledge and puts it into practice with some excellent exercises. I have no doubt this course can change people’s lives for the better.
  • Jane Bellis

    Jane Bellis


    Brilliant. I’m almost finished with the course now and can feel the benefit already. I would highly recommend it to absolutely everyone!
  • Martin Seville

    Martin Seville

    Incredible course

    Incredible course. Mind blowing because the value and opportunity to change lives for the better is HUGE.
  • Ruth Peasgood

    Ruth Peasgood

    Highly recommended

    Thrive has the potential to change, even save, lives.
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