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how to achieve great mental health
My Approach

How Do You Achieve Great Mental Health?

Mental health, neurotransmitters, mental illness, antidepressants, bipolar, depression, anxiety; it’s all made to be so confusing isn’t it? In this article, I’m going to explain, in simple terms, what mental health is, and give you an overview of how to achieve it. Let’s start by drawing a simple comparison with …

keynote speaker mental health summit 2020 keynote matt janes

Nutrition & Mental Health – Insights You Won’t Hear Anywhere Else

Watch me give the closing keynote speech at the 2020 Mental Health Summit in London. Here, I provide insights into how I healed my father’s chronic depression using nutrition. If you want to do the same, enrol in my online program, One Answer to Mental Illness. Many people have already …

matt janes neuroscientist and nutritionist
My Approach

My Approach to Achieving Great Mental Health

If you’ve read my previous article, ‘A New Paradigm for Mental Health‘, you’ll know that I’ve experienced depression three times in my life. Each time, it was sufficiently severe to interrupt my career. On the first two occasions, I left my job, and on the third, I sold my business. …

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