My Approach to Achieving Great Mental Health

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My Approach to Achieving Great Mental Health

If you’ve read my previous article, ‘A New Paradigm for Mental Health‘, you’ll know that I’ve experienced depression three times in my life. Each time, it was sufficiently severe to interrupt my career. On the first two occasions, I left my job, and on the third, I sold my business. It was after this third occasion when I started the journey to repurpose my life.

Before studying the mind, brain and body, during each of these depressive episodes, I had absolutely no idea how to improve my mental health. As a result, I was completely disempowered. It even took me some time to acknowledge to myself that I was suffering from depression. But once I did, I knew only one route to try to regain my mental health; visiting my GP. I believe that this is the position that the vast majority of people find themselves in when they’re struggling.

Compounding the problem is the limited options GPs have to help us. On every occasion, I was offered antidepressants, nothing else. Of course, this isn’t the fault of my GP, or yours, it’s a much larger, systemic problem. Did you know that the first antidepressants were formulated in the 1950s from compounds found in left over German World War II bombs? During the 70 years since then, psychiatric medication has remained the first line treatment for mental illness. All of these medications try to resolve mental illness by targeting the activity of neurotransmitters in your brain.

My studies in neuroscience have taught me that the brain plays an important role in mental illness. But I’ve also learned that this is only part of the story. To believe that depression is caused only by depleted levels of serotonin or norepinephrine is far too reductionist for my liking. Yes, these neurotransmitters play a role, but so too does inflammation. And your autonomic nervous system (learn all about this system in my online course, Thrive). And your beliefs, your thoughts and your daily activities, including your diet, movement and exercise.

These means that, when you’re looking to regain and retain your mental health, there ARE things you can do, other than visiting your GP. You CAN become empowered. You just need to know what to do and I’m going to teach you. In my articles and courses, I’ll provide you with all the knowledge you need to achieve exceptional mental health.

If you want to start your healing journey, enrol in my online program, One Answer to Mental Illness. Many people have already resolved their mental illness using my nutritional approach, including Scott, who said, “I took Matt’s program, then 5 days after changing my diet, my depression began to lift. After 10 days, I felt like a different person, full of energy and hope. I’m in no doubt that One Answer to Mental Illness represents a genuine alternative to psychiatric medication.”

Here’s what Don Ste Marie says about my program, “Brilliant, A Game Changer. I am confident that this course will help thousands that may be struggling with their mental health. It will also help countless others optimize their general health. This course is a tour de force with respect to understanding the relationship between what we ingest and how we feel and behave. Matt does a tremendous job in providing the history and science on a subject that most of us know little about. I don’t think I have learned so much on a topic in 4 hours in my life. I highly recommend this course. Thank you Matt, for your research, energy, and passion.”

Then, Annic Scholer Musfeld says, “A Milestone in the History of Mental Health. ‘One Answer to Mental Illness’ is simply incredible. I am impressed how clearly Matt leads you through a highly complex topic like the nervous system, how he explains what happens with you when the sympathetic or parasympathetic strand dominates, and how you can get back into balance using the right diet and supplements. If you are struggling with mental health problems and looking for a solution away from classical medicine, then try this program, I highly recommend it. Thanks Matt.”

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All the best, Matt

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