Treating Mental Illness without Medication

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Treating Mental Illness without Medication

This week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Tony Hampton, family physician and medical director in Chicago, Illinois. He records a weekly podcast which features leading figures from the world of nutritional science, including Gary Taubes, author of The Case Against Sugar, and Nina Teicholz, author of The Big Fat Surprise. Have a listen to our episode, during which Tony and I discuss many different topics concerning mental illness, including:

  • How to treat depression, bipolar and schizophrenia without medication
  • The sadness, pain, and empathy involved in watching a loved one suffer from a mental illness
  • The work of Dr. Weston Price, the pioneering dentist and epidemiologist who travelled the world in the 1930s, to uncover to cause of disease
  • The autonomic nervous system and how balance in this system relates to good mental health
  • The problem with diet-absolutism – why there is no one diet for everyone
  • The role of Functional Medicine in my nutritional work
  • How to resolve ADHD and autism

Additionally, I shared some insights about how a person’s personality is usually a general indicator of what type of diet will work for them, the importance of tailoring dietary advice to individuals from a scientific perspective, and the science of how sleep, meditation, and exercise affects our mental health. In this podcast, you’ll hear me talk about how I built upon the pioneering work of Drs. Funkenstein, Gellhorn, Kelley and Gonzalez, to perfect a nutritional protocol for treating mental illness.

This was a really enjoyable chat, with a brilliant and heartwarming physician. We got on so well and I’m confident that this won’t be the last time that we talk together to discuss the future of medicine and mental health.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the online program which I reference during the podcast, One Answer to Mental Illness. Many people have already resolved their mental illness using my nutritional approach, including Scott, who said, “I took Matt’s program, then 5 days after changing my diet, my depression began to lift. After 10 days, I felt like a different person, full of energy and hope. I’m in no doubt that A New Model for Mental Health represents a genuine alternative to psychiatric medication.”

Here’s what Don Ste Marie says about my program, “Brilliant, A Game Changer. I am confident that this course will help thousands that may be struggling with their mental health. It will also help countless others optimize their general health. This course is a tour de force with respect to understanding the relationship between what we ingest and how we feel and behave. Matt does a tremendous job in providing the history and science on a subject that most of us know little about. I don’t think I have learned so much on a topic in 4 hours in my life. I highly recommend this course. Thank you Matt, for your research, energy, and passion.”

Then, Annic Scholer Musfeld says, “A Milestone in the History of Mental Health. ‘A New Model for Mental Health’ is simply incredible. I am impressed how clearly Matt leads you through a highly complex topic like the nervous system, how he explains what happens with you when the sympathetic or parasympathetic strand dominates, and how you can get back into balance using the right diet and supplements. If you are struggling with mental health problems and looking for a solution away from classical medicine, then try this program, I highly recommend it. Thanks Matt.”

Enrol here – One Answer to Mental Illness

You can listen to the podcast below, via YouTube or Spotify:


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