Beat Burnout

1 hour
10 Lessons

Beat Burnout

Beat Burnout

Is this course 100% free?

Yes, this course has been developed for you, completed free of charge, by me, Matt Janes. Please enjoy the videos at your own pace and watch them as many times as you like. You may also download and keep the recipe book, free of charge.

What it is?

There is much misunderstanding about stress and what burnout really is, so Matt has created this free course so that you can spot the warning signs, measure your risk and learn how you can prevent burning out from stress.

How to begin

To start this free course, simply click this link.

What does it include?

  1. Introduction
  2. My story of burnout
  3. What is burnout? (The real science)
  4. Are you at risk from burnout?
  5. Measuring your risk of burnout
  6. Preventing burnout
  7. Achieving balance

Free downloadables

The course contains 7 videos and 3 downloadable PDFs, as follows:

  • Burnout checklist
  • Breakfast recipe book – how to fuel your body in the morning to reduce your risk of burnout
  • A list of anti-inflammatory vs inflammatory foods to help you choose the right foods for any meal
Matt Janes
Matt Janes is a pioneering health clinician, autonomic neuroscientist, nutritionist and author, who offers consultations and online programs for physical and mental health. As you'll learn from his patient testimonials, Matt's results far outperform those of conventional medicine. He received his formal training from Harvard, Berkeley and Liverpool universities, as well as The Institute for Functional Medicine.


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  • Suki Bassi

    Suki Bassi

    A Brilliant Course

    Matt’s teachings about the autonomic nervous system and the physiology of stress is unmatched. This Beat Burnout course offers rare insights into understanding and preventing burnout. I found it be extremely helpful. And it's free (so is his Thrive course!) Thank you Matt.
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Instructor Matt Janes
Duration 1 hour
Lectures 10
Language English
Deadline Unlimited
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