An Alternative to Psychiatry – The Untold Story

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An Alternative to Psychiatry – The Untold Story

Did you know that the world’s first antidepressant was formulated from a compound discovered in German bombs, left over from World War II? In 1955, French pharmaceutical company Hoffman La Roche developed Marsilid from two hydrazine substances, isoniazid and iproniazid. Initially, it was used in hospitals to fight the bacteria which caused tuberculosis. But, when Nathan Kline, a psychiatrist working at Rockland State Hospital in New York, observed his depressed patients showing ‘complete remission of all symptoms’ after 5 weeks of treatment with iproniazid, the first antidepressant was born.

However, it wasn’t until four years later, in 1959, that the term ‘antidepressant’ was coined by The New York Times, following the introduction of Imipramine, the second such psychiatric drug. Ever since then, psychiatric medication has remained the treatment of first choice in the battle against depression, as well as all other ‘diseases of the mind’. This is despite the fact that only 25% of the therapeutic response to antidepressants is derived from the chemicals themselves.

Having double the effect, 50%, is your brain’s expectation that you’ll get better simply by popping a pill. This placebo effect is proof of your brain’s extraordinary capability to heal you of your disease. It demonstrates that if you create the right internal and external conditions for healing, you have the absolute power to do so.

This understanding is the basis for how I help people to achieve exceptional mental health. When you fuel the brain with what it needs, including the right nutrition and regular training (such as attention training), it creates the necessary positive adaptations for optimum brain health. In fact, this isn’t just limited to achieving great mental health, but physical health too.

This should be of no surprise. After all, the brain and body are intrinsically connected via a physical network called the autonomic nervous system, which runs from the hypothalamus in your brain, to your genitals. It is involved in all of your body’s processes, including all metabolism and movement, your thoughts, digestion, reproduction, respiration, as well as your cardiovascular and immune function.

This approach to achieving great mental health isn’t talked about. Even though it’s been known for nearly 100 years, ever since Drs. Price, Pottenger, Funkenstein and Gellhorn showed it possible, this effective means of transforming mental health has been completely lost to history. But I’ve resurrected it and have since proven its effectiveness. There is lots of evidence and I’m shining a light on it, so that you can empower yourself and gain mastery over your own mental health.

Learn more by listening to my chat with Scott Ste Marie on the Depression to Expression podcast:

If you want to start your healing journey, enrol in my online program, One Answer to Mental Illness. Many people have already resolved their mental illness using my nutritional approach, including Scott, who said, “I took Matt’s program, then 5 days after changing my diet, my depression began to lift. After 10 days, I felt like a different person, full of energy and hope. I’m in no doubt that One Answer to Mental Illness represents a genuine alternative to psychiatric medication.”

Here’s what Don Ste Marie says about my program, “Brilliant, A Game Changer. I am confident that this course will help thousands that may be struggling with their mental health. It will also help countless others optimize their general health. This course is a tour de force with respect to understanding the relationship between what we ingest and how we feel and behave. Matt does a tremendous job in providing the history and science on a subject that most of us know little about. I don’t think I have learned so much on a topic in 4 hours in my life. I highly recommend this course. Thank you Matt, for your research, energy, and passion.”

Then, Annic Scholer Musfeld says, “A Milestone in the History of Mental Health. ‘One Answer to Mental Illness’ is simply incredible. I am impressed how clearly Matt leads you through a highly complex topic like the nervous system, how he explains what happens with you when the sympathetic or parasympathetic strand dominates, and how you can get back into balance using the right diet and supplements. If you are struggling with mental health problems and looking for a solution away from classical medicine, then try this program, I highly recommend it. Thanks Matt.”

Enrol here – One Answer to Mental Illness

I hope that you enjoy it.

Best wishes, Matt

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