One Answer to Mental Illness

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    Craig and Nathalie

    Hello Matt! We have completed the course. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and information. My husband has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. He is 61 years young 🙂

    Before having discovered your videos, we have been seeing an eastern medicine doctor who guided us through a major change in nutrition/fasting/detox & acupressure, along with drinkable herb potions. Whilst some of that had served us well, we went through an incredible experience that developed into a deterioration in Craig’s mental health, which we now know why, thanks to you. He, the doctor, basically took us from having no mental health issues, despite the diagnosis, to a gradual and then rapid spiral into depression.

    Upon starting your course, we immediately began to incorporate red meat to his full on plant based “recommended” diet and have already seen some results.

    We want to be sure on what we’ve learned and obviously have questions to be able to better define our specific case… ie: where exactly do we fall on the scale. We know it’s towards the parasympathetic… we believe. What supplements, taking into consideration the Parkinson’s. We’d also like to know specifically what more you learned regarding your father’s Parkinson’s diagnosis and treatment. We would love to continue on with a consultation.

    The Parkinson’s came as such a shock, as you must well know. We are very excited to learn more from you Matt. Not sure if we’ll get a response here but would like to confirm that we would like to go onto the consultation.

    Thank you so very much.

    Craig and Nathalie

    1. Matt Janes

      Hi Craig and Nathalie

      Thank you very much for your lovely message. It’s so wonderful to hear that Craig has already seen some progress in his mental health. I’ve sent you an email to detail how you can book a consultation with me.

      For other students of the course who are reading this, if you’d like to request a consultation with me, you can do so by following this link.

      Best wishes

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        Thank you for replying… we are looking forward to the consultation..

        Quick question; are we to click the “COMPLETE” OR “FINISH COURSE” button? We are afraid to do so if that means no longer have access to “the course”. I did read somewhere in the site that the course never expires but am a little confused on what exactly that meant. Being able to reference all the information in the future would be essential for us.
        Please advise if you could.
        Thank you
        Craig & Nathalie

        1. Matt Janes

          Hi Craig and Nathalie,

          You can click either button, you’ll still have access to the course and can refer back whenever you like, it’ll still be available to you. To access any of the videos, simply visit the curriculum page ( and choose the video you’d like to rewatch.

          I’m very much looking forward to chatting with you tomorrow during our consultation.

          Best wishes

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    John Tasker

    Wow, such a lot to digest. Several more takes I think and maybe a large whiteboard to get into the swing! Thank you, Matt, for your thorough presentation and excellent sound quality. Your voice is perfect in tone and easy on the ear.

    1. Matt Janes

      Thank you for your kind words, John.

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