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dr william donald kelley audio live event 1996

Dr. William Donald Kelley – 93% Cancer Cure Rate

Recorded at a live event in 1996, have a listen to Dr. William Donald Kelley talk about the great failure of conventional medicine to treat cancer, compared to his cancer cure rate of 93%. During his career, he treated over 33,000 cancer patients using his three tiered nutritional protocol. …

steve mcqueen cancer dr william kelley treatment truth died

The Truth about how Steve McQueen died

  How did Steve McQueen really die? The media has NEVER accurately reported his death, but now you can learn how he died, which isn’t how you’ve been told. First, using the audio player above, you can play an interview with Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, which was first aired on Sanitas …

medication diet mental illness
Mental Health Advice

How Nutrition Heals Illness

In this interview with Vitality, the health insurance specialists, I explain how diet can be successfully used to resolve mental and physical illness. I compare my father’s personal journey with nutrition versus medication and ECT for treating his severe depression. We also talk discuss my personal journey, the scientific evidence …

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